Postdoctoral fellow stabbed to death by woman colleague, her friend

Police say he married another woman despite being in a relationship with the accused

A 45-year-old postdoctoral fellow of a private educational institution was stabbed by his woman colleague and her friend at Kalavakkam near Tiruporur in Chengalpattu district on Thursday, following a dispute over unrequited love and cheating. He was called by the duo for talks outside the campus and was stabbed on the road, the police said.

The police identified the victim as K. Senthil, 45, a native of Melapuliyur in Perambalur district. He was a postdoctoral fellow, who stayed on the campus.

One of the accused has been identified as J. Desapriya, 34, a native of Keezh Pennathur, Tiruvannamalai district. She has completed her Ph.D in physics and was working as a junior research assistant on the same campus. Her friend and the other accused S. Arun Pandian, 34, is a Ph. D scholar and a native of Ulundurpet.

Upset over cheating

Desapriya and Senthil were acquainted with each other while pursuing Ph.D at a private university in Ramapuram a couple of years ago. The police said they were in a relationship. Later Senthil married another woman, leaving Desapriya upset. Senthil brought her to the campus, where he was working, and got her the post of junior research assistant a few months ago, the police said.

Desapriya repeatedly asked Senthil to marry her and brought Arun Pandian to mediate between them. At 3 p.m. on Thursday, she and her friend came to the campus at Kalavakkam. They invited Senthil outside and had talks near a culvert on Tiruporur Road. Since he would not agree to their terms, they stabbed him to death, the police said. They fled on a bike and while driving the wrong way, they hit an auto-rickshaw and fell down. The auto-rickshaw driver and other motorists nabbed them as the police from Kelambakkam rushed to the spot.

Senthil died on the spot. His body was taken to the Government General Hospital for post-mortem. Kelambakkam inspector V. Radhakrishnan registered a case against Desapriya and Arun Pandian for the murder.

They were arrested on Thursday and remanded in judicial custody on Friday.

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