#PriyankaReddy: Zero FIR is back in headlines

In lady doctor Priyanka Reddy’s brutal murder, the victim’s parents have alleged that the police reacted quite lately and responding on them, the Cyberabad police chief Sajjannar said that they are investigating whether the concerned police showed any negligence.

There are reports that the police have said the missing of lady doesn’t come under jurisdiction. As Priyanka Reddy’s rape and murder turned into a national issue, once again the matter of ‘ZERO FIR’ is back in headlines.

Firstly what is ‘ZERO FIR’? Post the vicious ‘Nirbhaya’ incident in New Delhi, the union government has brought in ‘ZERO FIR.’ As per this, anyone who files a complaint in police station and if that doesn’t come under their jurisdiction, the police should file it as ‘ZERO FIR.’ After getting proper details of the complaint, the FIR should be transferred to the concerned police station.

Currently ‘ZERO FIR’ is effective in Mumbai city and the demand to implement it in Hyderabad is also growing. Not just in Hyderabad, woman activists want ‘ZERO FIR’ to be implemented all over the country and make sure the police react swiftly in crimes against woman.

Priyanka Reddy’s parents and many legal experts said the government should definitely consider of bringing in ‘ZERO FIR’ at least in the twin cities.

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