Protruding manhole covers raise the risk quotient in Adyar

On sections of Adyar, the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) recently carried out maintenance work involving sewage pipes. As part of the work, it had old and damaged projection cover of manholes replaced.

Similarly, Greater Chennai Corporation got the projection covers of manholes of stormwater drains replaced.

Residents however find that in some cases, on account of the the work, road users’ safety has been compromised.

The manhole covers have to be in alignment with the road surface, but they are protruding, these residents explain.

Hence, residents want both the departments to take up the necessary corrective measures.

“This can be highly dangerous in streets that are poorly-lit and prone to water stagnation. In some places, the construction debris can be found dumped along the footpath or in the middle of the road. The roads were relaid only a few months ago and they are being dug up again. Besides, such works should have been carried out before the onset of monsoon,” says Meera Ravikumar, a resident of Gandhi Nagar in Adyar.

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