Puducherry records 44 new COVID-19 cases

The Union Territory on Saturday recorded 44 new COVID-19 cases from screening 2,001 people.

As per the data released by the Health Department, of the new admissions, 19 are in Mahe region, 18 in Puducherry and the remaining in Karaikal and Yanam.

Out of the 419 active cases in Union Territory, 177 are in government hospitals in the four regions and remaining 242 under home quarantine.

The overall tally stands at 614 deaths, a total of 37,209 cases and 36,176 patients treated and discharged.

Public message

Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi in a public message said the spread of virus was well under control due to wearing of masks, social distancing norms and hygiene.

The spike in cases recorded in Mahe was after two families went to Kerala and without reporting to the COVID-19 centre spread the infection.

Special Secretary Pankaj Kumar Jha was camping in Mahe to assist the administration, Ms. Bedi also added.

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