Rajya Sabha discusses situation arising out of Omicron

Increased transmissibility of COVID-19 variant Omicron, need for booster dose and measures to offer protection to unvaccinated children were among the topics discussed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday during a “short discussion on the situation arising out of Omicron variant”, with the Opposition continuing to raise slogans and demanding revocation of the suspension of 12 members.

Tamil Maanila Congress’s G.K. Vasan said the States and the Centre should work together to ensure that the general population stayed protected and was able to reap the full benefits of the various scheme introduced by the government. “Masks should be made compulsory everywhere and COVID-19 protocols strictly followed,” he stressed. Political leaders should lead by example and ensure that there were no mass gatherings and that digital meetings were encouraged, he added.

Pratap Sukhla (BJP) stated that Omicron was known to have increased transmissibility and scientists were still working on understanding how the situation may develop.

“The U.K. is seeing a phenomenal rise is cases and that should serve as a warning to all of us to ensure that we don’t lower our guard. People and governments have to work hand in hand to ensure that health safety remains the highest priority,” said Syed Zafar Islam (BJP).

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