Ranveer flaunts underwear for Publicity

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are good friends and they share a great bond. These two stars and their camaraderie often win the hearts of their fans and they always want to see their friendship.  He is one of the actor who never fails to gather all the eyeballs with his unusual dressing sense, and now once again he is in the limelight after a video of his has gone viral where was ‘showing off’ his Versace underwear at an award function.

Recently on the occasion of an award event, Ranveer Singh stood up to the stage and shared a hilarious incident that happened between him and his close friend Arjun Kapoor regarding cheap undergarments at a mall in Dubai.

Ranveer Singh said that Arjun Kapoor plays a very big role in his style evolution. Arjun was the first person to tell him that he could actually buy expensive clothes.

Arjun Kapoor said to Ranveer Singh, you are the movie star and you can afford to buy this underwear. Why are you wearing cheap underwear?

Ranveer Singh added, “Today Arjun Kapoor will be very proud that I am head-to-toe in Versace.” Later on, Ranveer was seen flaunting his Versace underwear on the stage.

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