Realise Guru’s dream of an equal society: Governor

‘Inspired by his teachings, anti-dowry movement has gained strength in Kerala’

Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has emphasised the need to work towards realising Sree Narayana Guru’s dream of creating an egalitarian society of self-confident individuals.

Inaugurating the golden jubilee conference of Brahma Vidyalayam at Sivagiri, near Varkala, on Thursday, Mr. Khan stressed the social reformer’s ideal to ensure equal status and education for woman both in their families and within societies.

“He had called for a social environment which would enable women enjoy genuine freedom and equality of opportunity. Guru maintained that the success of the family depended on its women. He also stood for marriage reforms and advised simple marriages to avoid unnecessary extravagances. Guru’s words in this regard are relevant even today,” he said, while expressing happiness that the movement against dowry gained strength in the State by deriving inspiration from Guru’s teachings.

View on religions

He lauded the Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham Trust for propagating the teachings of Guru who had envisioned that the soul of all religions is one and it was only their approaches that were different.

The Governor said the Brahma Vidyalayam had been working towards spreading spiritual knowledge by offering seven-year-long course on Indian philosophy, Vedanta, Tatwa Shastra etc. The institution had received the service of some eminent intellectuals in Vedantic and philosophical studies such as M.H. Sastrikal, Balarama Panicker, and R.V. Potti.

Considering the evolving pedagogical approaches, Mr. Khan urged the administrators to open up more avenues for education on Guru’s philosophy through short-term and online courses. Greater exposure to the ideals of Guru would result in self-improvement by more individuals for the welfare of the society and the world as a whole, he pointed out.

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