Respite from cold wave likely for 2 days as mercury may rise

Noida: The city is likely to get a respite from the cold wave for the next two days. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), due to change in the weather conditions and approaching western disturbance – a phenomenon that leads to snowing in the northern Himalayan states and temporary change in the wind directions – the mercury is set to rise by three degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday.

However, the minimum temperatures will drop sharply, leading to much harsher weather conditions from Tuesday onwards, IMD said.

“There is a western disturbance approaching, which would change the current wind directions from icy cold north-westerly to warmer south-easterly and easterly. This would raise the morning time temperatures and provide temporary relief to the region from cold waves. The morning hours will, however, see shallow to moderate fog,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, head, regional weather forecasting centre, IMD.

On Saturday, the minimum and maximum temperatures for Noida were recorded at 6.2 degrees Celsius and 20.7 degrees Celsius, against 7.2 and 21.6 degrees a day earlier.

Meanwhile, the average minimum and maximum temperatures for NCR based on the Safdarjung observatory were recorded at 4.4 degrees Celsius and 21.9 degrees Celsius, against 4.6 and 22.4 a day earlier.

“The minimum and maximum temperatures on Sunday could rise by two to three degrees Celsius. The wind speed would be around 12 kmph,” said an official at IMD.

The Met officials, however, said that the relief from the cold waves would be temporary as the weather conditions will revert and mercury will fall sharply towards Tuesday, giving a harsh weather conditions towards the year-end.

“From Tuesday onwards, the wind directions would revert to icy cold north-westerly that would bring the mercury down with minimum temperature likely to hover around 3 degrees Celsius, giving a cold year-end,” said Srivastava.

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