RRR rights for Bhimla Nayak producer! Naga Vamsi Deal set

It goes without saying that the current level of speculation on RRR movie is how high. Producers are turning to distributors to invest in the film. For the last while many producers have been negotiating more with Rajamouli than with the producer. Produced by DVV Danayya with a huge budget of Rs 450 crore, the film is sure to break all records at the box office.

However, the pre-release business of the film seems to have reached over 800 billion worldwide. Producer Danayya seems to have sold most of the film at out-price in some areas. More recently the Bhimla Nayak producer seems to be part of the RRR business. It is also known that this multistarrer movie is being released heavily overseas.

However, it is learned that Nagavamshi has acquired the Australian release rights of the film under the banner of Sithara Entertainments. It is reported that it has acquired over 6 crore movie release rights. On the one hand, Nagavamshi is making good profits not only as a producer but also as a distributor.

Overall Nagavamshi is getting good profits. RRR is all set to release a Telugu film in Australia on a large scale. It seems that it will not be too difficult to reach the 6 crore target if the movie is in a rush. It is also understood that the film will bring good returns to everyone for the investments made at the box office. It remains to be seen at what level Ram Charan Jr. NTR will create records.

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