"RRR" to soon become a restaurant !!

RRR, the brand name that never fades away out of the world, is now uplifting excitement among the public with sensational news. The film has cemented the bond between the leads Jr NTR and Ram Charan strongly and they accomplished the whole movie together. Now, they are again gearing up together for a venture with the same title RRR. Let’s have a glance at the reason for it.

In recent times, a renowned producer has proposed NTR and Charan to set up a restaurant business with the title RRR and he suggested Rajamouli to make their partner for their joint business as well. But on the other hand, both the heroes are tightly engaged with the schedules of their upcoming projects, while Rajamouli has no interest to take part in any business, other than the filmmaking.

However, the news is going viral on the internet and the netizens are hoping the news might turn true at least in the future. So, let’s see if this wonder happens or not. If it happens, then the restaurant with the name RRR will be one of the wonders in the world, once it attracts the visitors with delicious cuisine and appropriate facilities.

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