RTA not cooperating: Cyberabad traffic police

‘When contacted for cancellation or suspension of licences, RTA did not respond’

The Cyberabad traffic police have alleged the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) of not cooperating with them in suspension or cancellation of driving licences of tippler drivers.

Speaking to The Hindu, Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar S.M. said that last year, they caught over 9,000 people for driving under the influence of alcohol and around 3,000 were disposed of in the court.

“When we wrote to the RTA officials to cancel or suspend the driving licences of those people, they neither responded nor took action against those drivers,” he said.

He said that if any person is caught drunk driving for the first time, a penalty of ₹10,000 would be imposed on violators or an imprisonment of six months. And for the second or subsequent offence, a penalty of ₹15,000 and or an imprisonment of up to two years.

Their driving licences will be seized and forwarded to the RTA for suspension as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, but the concerned officials were not responding.

Refuting the allegations, Joint Transport Commissioner C. Ramesh said that as and when they get communication from the police to suspend or cancel the licences, they do it accordingly.

“We are regularly revoking driving licences. The number is very high, we need some time,” he said.

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