‘Self-less Manpade always fought for issues concerning the masses’

He never went to the government with problems involving individuals, says former Minister

Many leaders and activists representing different streams of activism recalled the contributions of Communist leader Maruti Manpade, who passed away recently, to the people’s resistance movement in the State and beyond.

In a condolence meeting held at S.M. Pundit Rangamandir here on Sunday, Nityananda Swamy of Karnataka Prantha Krishi Koolikarara Sangha, B.R. Patil and Sharan Prakash Patil of the Congress, U. Basavaraj of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), retired professor T.R. Chandrashekhar, Nasir Hussein of People’s Forum and other leaders shared their experiences associated with Manpade and his un-compromised struggles for unprivileged people, especially farmers and unorganised workers.

“With the untimely demise of Manpade, we have lost a great force who lent his voice for the poor and marginalised sections of society. The people in power are introducing anti-people policies and enacting draconian laws to snatch the hard-earned rights and livelihoods of the people. As life is going to be harder and tougher in the days to come, so would be the fight for retaining the rights and better life. Manpade’s absence would be strongly felt in such struggles. Continuing Manpade’s legacy of the un-compromised fight for people’s rights and fighting for realising his dreams would be the best homage we can offer to the great leader,” Mr. Nityananda Swamy said.

The former Aland MLA Mr. B.R. Patil said that the Tur Board established in Kalaburagi was the result of Manpade’s consistent efforts. “There had been a demand for establishing a Tur Board which was expected to bring positive changes in the lives of red-gram growers and the dal industry. The government had firmly refused to form the board. However, Manpade did not give up. His consistent struggles forced the government to establish the board. Manpade had a government job with a decent salary. He quit it and became a full-time activist to take up people’s cause not just in Kalaburagi but across the State since he had a strong belief that only un-compromised struggles can change the lives of people for better,” he said.

The former Minister Mr. Sharan Prakash Patil said that Manpade had never raised issues concerning individuals but always fought for those concerning the masses. “He never came to me or the government with issues involving individuals. The issues he raised and fought for were concerning the toiling masses and their rights. A few days before he contracted COVID-19 infection, I had advised him to be cautious against the pandemic. Yet, he roamed the State mingling with suffering people and organising them in the struggles for their rights. For, he considered people’s lives more important than his own and died of the infection. He fought for the people throughout his life and died for them in the end,” he said.

State secretary of CPI(M) U. Basavaraj elaborated how his party helped Manpade develop as a leader. Economist Prof. Chandrashekhar, who remotely addressed the gathering, recalled a few instances of Manpade’s heroic struggles for the masses.

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