‘Selfless service and actualisation the essence of Sufism’

Speakers highlight Sufism practices at South-India level meet

Sufism is the mystical path of Islam that deals more with self-actualisation and reaching out to the commoners, rather than treading the path of ritualistic practices, speakers said at the South India-level conference on ‘Sufi’ and ‘Natiya Mushaira’ conducted here on Saturday.

The event was jointly conducted by Deen-e-Milad Tahreeq Association, Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu and Khanakha-e-Qadariya at Sri Venkateswara University’s Arts block auditorium, where academics and ‘Sajjida Nasheen’ (spiritual gurus) representing various monasteries took part and discussed threadbare the need for inward search for the Almighty.

Mr. Sayed Sha Shafee Ahamed Qadari, the Government Khazi of Tirupati, said Mohammed the Prophet had always stood for truth and devotion, with his focus always on reaching out to those following his true tenets. “The Sufis practise virtuousness by staying away from vices and all forms of human weaknesses, with the ultimate goal being spreading love,” he explained.

SVU registrar O.Md. Hussain spoke on the need to emerge higher in thought process by pursuing higher academic and moral education.

SVU College of Arts principal B.V. Muralidhar, former head of Philosophy department S. Abdul Sattar, former Urdu head S.A. Sattar Saheb and others took part.

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