Septuagenarian knocks HC doors for return of AgriGold deposits

‘Need ₹2.6 lakh out of ₹26.40 lakh deposited for treatment’

A septuagenarian knocked the doors of Telangana High Court seeking a direction for the release of at least ₹2.6 lakh out of the nearly ₹26.40 lakh he had deposited with AgriGold company for his day to day survival and medical expenditure.

Seventy-two-year-old Ravikanth Sinha, a retired private engineer, told the court that he lost his wife due to cancer as he could not provide proper medical care since all his hard-earned money and savings were stuck with AgriGold company.

In a writ petition, the senior citizen requested the court to instruct the Registrar-Judicial (with whom the proceeds of the sales of Agri-Gold assets were deposited) to release his money deposited with the company.

Mr. Sinha claimed that he was facing tough time in his fag end of life without any assured means of income to meet daily expenses.

My son is living separately with his family, the petitioner stated.

The senior citizen wanted the court to declare the inaction of Telangana government and police of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in securing return of his money from AgriGold company.

The petitioner’s counsel Sravan Kumar told the court that AP government released ₹900 crore for payment to the victims of AgriGold company. However, Telangana government did not take any such initiative, he contended. A bench of Justices A. Rajasheker Reddy and T. Vinod Kumar, after hearing his arguments, sought to know from Telangana government counsel if Telangana government too is willing to come to the rescue of the depositors like AP.

The government counsel informed the court that money accrued through sales of AgriGold assets in Telangana was deposited with the HC Registrar (Judicial). Mr. Sravan Kumar told the court that there was no point in depositing money with the HC.

The bench assured that the senior citizen’s petition would be further heard along with the plea filed by Telangana AgriGold depositors.

Referring to the Andhra Pradesh government’s petition for the transfer of depositors’ petition to AP High Court, the petitioner’s counsel informed the court that the depositors from Telangana were against the proposal.

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