‘Setting pace for other sectors to evolve’: PM Modi address Bengaluru Technology Summit 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the three-day Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020. During the virtual inauguration, PM Modi highlighted the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the technology sector and lauded the industry, saying it “recognised great opportunities that came with the pandemic. The Prime Minister said the sector realised “it was not the end of the road”.

“Technology is setting the pace for other sectors to evolve,” PM Modi also said.

Follow highlights from his address here:

“Our government has successfully created a market for digital and tech solutions. It has made technology a key part of all schemes. Our governance model is technology first,” said PM Modi.

“Through technology, we have enhanced human dignity. Millions of farmers received monetary support in one click. At the peak of the Covid-19 lockdown, it was technology that ensured that India’s poor received proper and quick assistance,” he said.

“India as a country is uniquely positioned for leap ahead in the information era, we have best minds and big market,” he also said.

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