Sharmila launches YSR Telanganga Party, targets KCR

Many promises made by TRS remain unkept, she alleges

The dreams of Telangana people, who were in the belief that there would be an end to all sorts of their woes with the statehood, were in total ruins as the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government led by K. Chandrasekhar Rao forgetting all its promises, Y.S. Sharmila said here on Thursday after launching YSR Telangana Party.

“In a State with surplus budget, poor families are still awaiting for ration cards, shelter, fee reimbursement, cashless treatment in private/corporate hospitals. No family has come out of poverty during the last seven years in Telangana except that of KCR. They family is exploiting everything in its reach and amassing wealth”, Ms. Sharmila said addressing a gathering on the occasion of her party’s launch.

While the unemployed youth were in an endless wait for job notifications for the last seven years, KCR’s family had created employment to its four members as the TRS government was giving compassionate appointment to the kin of those deceased in service instead of creating new jobs and filling the existing vacancies, the daughter of late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy said.

“As the daughter of Rajanna (YSR), I promise that my party’s fight will be to bring back all welfare schemes introduced by YSR with which the poor families were smiling in the past”, Ms. Sharmila said explaining the agenda of her party adding that “welfare, self-reliance/sustainable and equality” were three core principles. The KCR government has completely failed on the welfare front and instead every family in the State was brought under debt burden as ₹4 lakh crore was borrowed during the last seven year, she pointed out.

Alleging that KCR was known only for making lavish promises and having no commitment to fulfil them, with the list of his unkept promises being endless, Ms. Sharmila said he had promised houses of self-esteem to all the shelterless families but was interested only in showcasing a handful of houses every year. Similarly, his promise of 3 acres land each to 3 lakh landless Dalit families had not reached even 3% of the target in seven years and no effort was visible to pay the unemployment allowance.

Turning to the opposition parties in the State, she sought to whether there was any unholy nexus between TRS and BJP as the leaders of the latter repeatedly speak of having proof of KCR’s corruption but had never went beyond that. On Congress leaders, she said they were spineless as they were not even rebutting the TRS attack on YSR, who had given political life to many of them.

Ms. Sharmila promised 50% reservation to women in party tickets and announced undertaking a 100-day padayatra in her hour-long speech. Earlier she unfurled the party flag on the dais and at the end released book titled “Rajanna Adugujaadallo” (in the footsteps of YSR) written by party leader Indira Shobhan.

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