Skateboarders on a clean-up mission

Cosmic Skaters, a club for skateboarders is holding a ‘Clean up campaign’ at Kowdiar Square. Says Rubin Shaikh, a founder of the club: “We are a group of 30-odd members who practise daily in the evenings at the Square. We have members who are as young as eight to those who are in their thirties. Since it is the summer holidays, we have noticed an increase in footfall at the park. However, those who come, often carry food and leave their food packets behind as there are no waste bins in the vicinity.”

On Saturday, the members of the club will be cleaning up the Square and installing two waste bins at the venue. “Hopefully people will take the hint.”

Rubin and his club mates will also be demonstrating how to skateboard after the clean-up. Those who are interested can try their hand at skateboarding.

“We hope to attract new members to our group through this session. There is no fee or age limit to joining our Club. However, those who want to join have to come with their own skateboard and safety gear.”

The clean up drive is at Kowdiar Square on Saturday, 4 pm. The event is open to all.

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