Smart traffic cameras in Coimbatore city in final stages of integration with Vahan

Automatic number plate detection cameras installed by the Coimbatore City Police in collaboration with people’s initiative “Uyir” are ready for integration with the Central Government’s vehicle registry, Vahan.

Senior police officials and resource persons who are part of the initiative said a trial in integrating the feeds from the advanced cameras installed at 20 traffic signals was under way.

A mega event will be held to launch the initiative, which will be first of its kind in Tamil Nadu, and among the very few across the country, said the officials.

According to official sources, the cameras were installed at 20 junctions on Avinashi Road, Tiruchi Road, Mettupalayam Road, Sathyamangalam Road and Palakkad Road.

Except Athupalam at the Palakkad-Pollachi Road junction, all the other locations covered by the initiative are on Avinashi Road, Tiruchi Road, Sathyamangalam Road and Mettupalayam Road.

The advanced cameras installed in these junctions will detect offences such as jumping red signal, riding tripples on two-wheelers and riding two-wheelers without wearing helmet, said the police.

Coimbatore City Police Commissioner Sumit Sharan said that the majority of the works to integrate the feeds from the cameras to Vahan were completed.

K. Kathirmathiyon, member of district road safety committee, said that the initiative by Uyir and the city police would be a model project.

"After integration with the national vehicle registry, offences involving vehicles from other States will also be shown in their vehicle records. The three offences will be recorded by the cameras at the 20 junctions even if the police are not present", he said.

As of now, the cameras at the 20 signals are detecting around 30,000 violations per day in the three categories of offences.

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