‘State apathetic to Belagavi incident’, allege activists

The condemnation and protests against the recent Belagavi incident in which the statue of Sangoli Rayanna was vandalised, continues unabated in Mysuru.

While social activists and progressive groups dubbed it as a fallout of apathy and failure of the State Government, other activists including former MLA and pro-Kannada leader Vatal Nagaraj held demonstrations.

Writer and activist K.S.Bhagawan said the State Government was apathetic towards the cause of Kannada and Karnataka and this was responsible for the Belagavi incident.

He told mediapersons here on Tuesday that though the Supreme Court has stated that the Mahajan Committee report was final on the question of border issue, Maharashtra Ekikarana Samiti members were repeatedly raising the issue and instigating the State.

The recent developments including vandalising the statue of Sangoli Rayanna were unpardonable crimes and should be treated as such, said Mr.Bhagawan. He described MES activists as “pseudo-patriots and people with convoluted mindset” and should be externed from the State.

The president of Karnataka OBC Forum Shivaram said those responsible for the Belagavi incident should be booked for sedition. He said a massive rally will be held in Mysuru on December 24 condemning the incident.

He flayed the Government for its ‘inaction’’ on the issue and said though time had come for Kannadigas to assert their pride and safeguard the language and culture of the State, the BJP Government was content conducting meetings, introducing anti-conversion bill.

“When it comes to issue pertaining to the BJP it is taken up on a priority basis but when the issue pertains to Kannada and those insulting the State, the Government dithers to take any action’’, Mr. Shivaram added. The Government should have taken up the issue to assert the pride of Kannada but instead it was mired in engaging in vote-bank politics, he alleged.

The forum members also warned of launching an intense agitation to uphold and protect the interest of Kannadigas across the State.

Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj flayed the State Government for not banning MES. He said the agitation will be intensified in the days ahead in case no stern action was initiated against the MES. Mr.Nagaraj said a meeting has been convened in Bengaluru on Wednesday to discuss the next course of action including calling for a State Bandh.

A few other organisations raised slogans against MES and Shiv Sena and demonstrated in front of the DC’s office.

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