State govt. must listen to Gagandeep Kang on providing jabs: Congress

The Opposition Congress on Wednesday said that the Karnataka government should listen to its own vaccine advisor Gagandeep Kang, virologist and professor of virology at Christian Medical College, Vellore, for implementing vaccine strategy and providing vaccines to the people of the State.

The State government had roped in Prof. Kang as advisor for vaccine strategy, last month.

“We thought the BJP government is finally taking scientific advice. However, it is clear it is only headline management because the government’s actions don’t reflect its own advisor’s advice,” said KPCC president D.K. Shivakumar.

On social media, Mr. Shivakumar quoted Prof. Kang on 10 aspects of COVID management and asked if the government agreed with her.

“The Karnataka government must listen to their own vaccine advisor to defeat COVID, rather than deal with the pandemic as merely a means to let BJP leaders blackmarket vaccines and hospital beds,” said Mr. Shivakumar.

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