Students come out to highlight climate emergency

Schoolchildren gather at Necklace Road

On a day when students across the world walked out of classrooms to protest climate change, children in Hyderabad took a break from their vacation to raise their voice against the climate emergency.

Dozens of students drawn from various schools, assembled at the Necklace Road, held aloft placards and raised slogans demanding that the governments take emergency measures to halt climate change. “Vijay Devarkonda is hot, but the climate is getting hotter. Act now,” was the placard one girl brought to the venue.

Skit performed

Some students of Aga Khan Academy performed a skit highlighting the indifference that society and policy makers have toward the changing environment.

“We are here to raise voice against pollution and the environment. This may not be a big strike. But when we come to protest here, media will highlight it. More people will join in and finally, the governments will be forced to notice and take action,” said Elseo, an IB student who came with his home-made placard.

“Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi,” “Save climate, save life,” “Act against climate change right now,” were some of the placards brought by protestors.

Another student brought a Finding Nemo themed presentation with a small orange fish completely surrounded by plastic litter.

Through the day, reports about lakhs of students in Europe, US, Asia and Australia skipping schools trickled in. Organised under ‘Fridays for Future’ or ‘School Strike for Climate’, the protests on Friday were the biggest gathering of students since March 15 protest.

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