‘Sudha Bharadwaj trying to use ill health to get bail’

She has no diarrhoea, no body ache

Rubbishing the claims of ill health by Sudha Bharadwaj, an accused in the Bhima-Koregaon violence case, Sadanand Gaikwad, superintendent of Byculla jail, on Friday told The Hindu: “Ms. Bharadwaj keeps complaining. She has no body ache, no diarrhoea. She resorts to these gimmicks to get bail.”

On April 29, Ms. Bharadwaj called her daughter Maaysha from the prison and said she had diarrhoea, fatigue, and had lost her appetite and sense of taste for the last three weeks.

Speaking to The Hindu, Maaysha said, “My mother has not been feeling well since she got vaccinated around three weeks ago. She was telling me that she had even written to the superintendent of Byculla jail about her health. Her letter requested him to take her to JJ Hospital for a thorough body check-up but to no avail.”

However, Mr. Gaikwad said, “Ms. Bharadwaj is a big complainer. She keeps complaining about everything. Even when she was in Yerwada jail, she used to complain a lot.”

When asked about her health, Mr. Gaikwad said, “She is anyway over 60 years old. She is bound to have some aches and pains.”

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