Sunil commenting about Mahesh Babu

Sarkar, starring superstar Mahesh Babu, is all set to release their song in the first half of next year. Mahesh Trivikram combo movie shooting will start in March next year and the film will also be released next year, Bogatta said.Mahesh, who is currently resting due to surgery, will be busy shooting again from next month.Sunil speaking about Mahesh recently revealed some interesting things.

Sunil took another success into account with this film by playing the role of Negative Shades in Pushpa The Rise. In an interview, Sunil said that Mahesh Babu would be cute to watch as Young James Bond Law.However, Sunil said that in the fight scenes, the directors would hang Mahesh Babu from three or four floors.

Sunil commented that Mahesh will work hard till the scene is over as he is Godde at the time of doing those scenes. Sunil says that Mahesh Babu gives life if he trusts the director, which is his favorite quality in Mahesh Babu.Sunil said that Mahesh Babu will be at the next level of counter, fun. Sunil’s positive comments about Mahesh are going viral.

Superstar Mahesh Babu loves to do fight scenes on his own. The directors do not like to screen risky scenes with Mahesh Babu dope. It is known that Mahesh Babu gives a lot of respect to directors.Mahesh also stays away from controversies. With the exception of Sarkar’s song, Mahesh’s future projects will be screened as Pan India films.

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