Tamil Nadu rice millers appeal to poll panel

Trucks carrying farm produce are being stopped unnecessarily, they complain

The Tamil Nadu Rice Federation has requested the State Election Commission to instruct officials concerned not to harass farmers, millers and traders while transporting paddy, rice or other agricultural produce and cash meant for purchase. Samba crop was still being harvested and most farmers preferred to make cash transactions, they said.

D. Thulasingam, president of the federation, said there had been incidents at several places when trucks carrying rice and paddy were detained by officials. “A lorry driver with ₹80,000 cash was stopped near Thiruporur and then the officials asked for the original bill, which was sent to the spot and the vehicle was released later. Around Chennai, we have marketing committee yards where rice and paddy is procured at Villupuram, Senji, Tiruvannamalai, Chengam and Ulundurpet and if the trucks are stopped, it would affect the movement of rice, which is an essential commodity,” he said.

Federation secretary A.C. Mohan said they had submitted a petition to the Election Commission asking them to direct officials not to harass those genuinely going about with their business. “We have asked the 2,800 millers in the State to ensure that their staff carry an authorisation letter stating the purpose for which cash in excess of ₹50,000 is being carried along with their GST registration copy and ID proofs. The officials can cross check with the farmers or wholesalers and allow vehicles to proceed,” he said.

V. Ravichandran, a farmer from Nannilam, who welcomed the suggestion, said though transactions happened at their farm gates, they would have problems when they go to their banks to deposit the amount.

Aadhaar trail

“We would also have to face unnecessary questioning when we go to nearby towns to buy farm inputs including seeds and fertilizers where also transactions happen in cash. The officials must accept the Aadhaar trail since we procure items after providing Aadhaar numbers,” he said.

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