Teach Film-Making To Your Brother: Chinni Krishna

“The world is seeing leaders who are more intelligent and smart than me, so the likes of Lagadapati Rajagopal won’t long last,” says writer Chinni Krishna, as he made mockery of the former Vijayawada MP’s exit poll survey which said that TDP will form government in Andhra Pradesh state after May 23rd.

Turning down Lagadapati’s survey as bogus one, struggling writer Chinni Krishna termed it as a bogus survey. And he advised the Andhra Octopus to do a survey in his family first. “Do a survey in your own family first, such that you would first teach your brother how to produce films. Then look at your other family members who are looting banks, taking crores, and absconding” Chinni Krishna added.

And then the writer of films like Ohmkar’s Genius has given his own exit poll for 2024 elections also. “YS Jagan will be the CM in 2024 as well by winning almost 130 seats. Don’t conduct a survey, I’m telling you the result well in advance”, he articulated, laughing at surveys.

And he has an important advise and appeal for Narendra Modi as well. “Dear Modi garu, you will be forming government in the next few days. Please take care of people like Lagadapati andi” he requested.

Seems like Chinni Krishna got some work with half of the surveys indicating that YS Jagan is likely to form government in Andhra Pradesh.

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