Teen swindles ₹9.5 lakh from a elderly man’s bank account

He used the money to play online games

The Cyber Crime Cell of Anna Nagar solved an online fraud involving a 17-year-old following a complaint lodged by a 75-year-old doctor that ₹7.5 lakh was debited from his bank account without his authorisation.

The 75-year-old retired government doctor was staying alone at Anna Nagar while his two sons lived abroad and a daughter, who is also a doctor, lives in Kancheepuram. A domestic aide and her son staying with the doctor had been taking care of him for five years.

While the doctor was staying with his daughter in Kancheepuram, he realised that ₹7.5 lakh from his account had been debited between March and August. He lodged a complaint with the Anna Nagar police, who forwarded the complaint to Cyber Crime Cell. The doctor had an ordinary mobile phone. His family did not allow the police to interrogate the domestic aide and her son since they trusted them.

During investigation, the police found that the money was transferred from the bank account to two mobile wallets and an e-commerce portal and also was used to buy popular online games.

The police team managed to trace a mobile phone number linked to an electronic wallet, which was used by the boy who lived in the doctor’s house. The teenager had allegedly collected details of the bank account and debit card while helping the doctor do online transactions in March. The doctor was unaware of the transactions although he received alerts on his mobile phone. The boy spent ₹9.5 lakh from the doctor’s account for buying games and gadgets. The boy was let off with a warning after the doctor’s family withdrew the complaint.

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