Telangana budget 2023-24 approved by Governor

Telangana Budget 2023-24 has been approved by Governor Tamilisai  Soundararajan.  Although the three days of suspense ended yesterday, the suspense over the approval continued. Governor Tamilisai signed and approved the Telangana budget, which was made with a total of three lakh crores. This is the last budget introduced by KCR government in this term. That is why it seems that KCR has put special focus on the budget which has huge expectations. 

On the other hand, as the governor and the Telangana government were insistent, the suspense continued till yesterday evening whether there will be a budget along with the budget meeting. Finally the matter went to court. All in all, it seems that both the parties have come down a step and agreed to go ahead with the budget meetings. The government announced that the Governor’s speech will be included in the budget meetings and also withdrew the petition filed in the court. The Governor Tamilisai also agreed to approve the budget. As announced earlier, the budget, which was to be introduced on the third date, has been shifted to the sixth date. 

Minister Prashant Reddy met Governor Tamilisai who returned from Hyderabad after completing her visit to Puducherry. He asked the Governor on behalf of the government to approve the budget proposal. Governor Tamilisai has been invited to address the budget meetings. 

 The Minister gave a copy of the speech related to the budget meetings to the Governor. It seems that the Governor Tamilisai has approved the discussion on the pending bill.  


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