Telangana inching towards 2 lakh COVID-recovered cases

Doctors who attend to patients in government hospitals say the treatment protocols have improved over the time

Telangana is inching towards two lakh COVID-19-recovered cases. From March 2 to October 14, a total of 2,17,670 people in the State were detected with coronavirus. Of them, 1,93,218 people have won the fight over the infectious disease. While the recovery rate across the country is 87.3%, it is 88.76% in the State.

Spike or drop in the number of positive cases detected in a day depends on the number of tests performed. Upon skimming through data from the past few weeks provided by the Telangana Health department, it was found that over 2,100 people are detected with coronavirus if around 55,000 tests are performed in a day. And the positive cases drop if the number of tests decrease. Regardless of such tests, around 1,900 to 2,500 people are declared to have recovered every day. On Wednesday, 1,949 people had recovered.

As per available details, a 103-year-old man, Paruchuri Ramaswamy, who resides in Hyderabad is the oldest person in the State to have won over COVID-19. He was admitted at Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences and later shifted to Gandhi Hospital, both government hospitals. Patients with life-threatening diseases or medical conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, too have survived.

Doctors who attend the patients in government hospitals have earlier said that their treatment protocols have improved over the time. The doctors and officials have stressed multiple times that early diagnosis, consultation and treatment help in early recovery. According to the media bulletin, till October 15, a total of 35,77,261 samples were put to test and 2,17,670 people were detected with coronavirus. Apart from the 1,93,218 people who have recovered, the total cases include 23,203 active cases and 1,249 who died. Everyday, the number of people with active infection status varies from 23,000 to 29,000.

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