Textile trade unions submit bonus demand

Textile trade unions here have submitted their bonus demands to the textile mills. The trade unions said they have asked for minimum 15% bonus.

The textile mills have seen good performance last year and bonus talks are expected to be settled without any problem, the union leaders say.

The National Textile Corporation (NTC) mills have not operated after the first wave of COVID-19 and the workers are getting only 50% wages. The NTC management has not given the balance sheet. “We want the talks with NTC mills to conclude by October 25,” said M. Arumugam, AITUC leader.

The focus is on re-opening the NTC mills, adds Rajendran of CITU.

With regard to private mills, the unions have asked for minimum 15% bonus, added Rajamani, HMS union leader.

The trade unions are looking at arriving at bonus settlements and the workers receiving the bonus by the end of this month.

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