Thamarassery shows the way in waste management

Panchayat ensures regular collection of non-biodegradable refuse, cleaning of public places

The Thamarassery grama panchayat in Kozhikode is slowly and steadily heading towards zero-waste status through well-planned refuse management. The ‘Haritham Sundaram Thamarassery’ project of the panchayat has made waves among local people through various innovative awareness programmes in just five months after it was conceptualised.

Ensuring that non-biodegradable waste is collected from all houses and establishments regularly was the first step. “Haritha Karma Sena members collect plastic and other non-biodegradable waste from all the households once a month. As for establishments, especially shops, the collection is done twice a month,” said Sathar Pallippuram, coordinator of ‘Haritham Sundaram Thamarassery’.

Meanwhile, cleaning of public places is also held on a regular basis with the help of voluntary organisations. “As we speak, National service Scheme volunteers of nearby colleges are cleaning our marketplaces,” Mr. Sathar said, adding that they have been able to keep public places clean as a result of the project.

The collected waste is taken to a Material Collection Facility at Pullanjimedu where it is sorted and sent for recycling. On the other hand, the panchayat’s 15-year-old waste dumping yard is getting a facelift. Dumped waste is gradually removed and sorted in an effort to clean up the place.

The panchayat is getting a great deal of help from Green Worms Eco Solutions in its waste management efforts. “The MCF is managed by Green Worms. They have mostly completed clearing of the old dumping ground as well, with only around 20% of the waste left there,” Mr. Sathar said.

Green Worms also plays a major role in creating awareness about waste management through innovative campaigns. The Christmas star made by the members of the Haritha Karma Sena using plastic bottles collected from public places helped spread the message of recycling plastic and preventing littering.

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