Things to do in Bangalore this week: A Kalidasa classic, sushi platters, and classical music

A Kalidasa classic

Catch Kottichetham Kutiyattam Ensemble’s Vikramorvasheeyam online with Ranga Shankara’s ‘[email protected]’ programme.

Vikramorvasheeyam is a presentation of Kalidasa’s timeless Sanksrit play in Kutiyattam, one of India’s oldest surviving theatrical forms. Kutiyattam blends Sanskrit classicism and the local traditions of Kerala. Vikramorvasheeyam is directed by renowned Kutiyattam practitioner Guru G Venu and features Kapila Venu, Sooraj Nambiar, and Ammanur Rajaneesh Chakyar.

The play has a Sutradhara (narrator) telling us the powerful love story of King Pururavas and the Apsara Urvashi. It is a depiction of how Pururavas rescues Urvashi after she is kidnapped by the demon Kesi.

The performance is for audiences eight years and above.

Where: When: April 23 to May 2 Cost:₹150 Contact: 080 26493982

Writing lessons by Ruskin Bond

The hills of Dehra come alive when one hears the name Ruskin Bond. As a part of the UNLU masterclass program, the prolific writer, who has had a successful seven-decade career, will teach you how to write. “It took over four years for my first novel to get published. So, don’t think that I had an overnight success,” says Bond. Drawing from this rich experience, he will teach you how to build chapters, create characters, editing and publishing. The 28-lesson course goes on for a little over two and a half hours.

Where: UNLU When: April 23 to 30 Cost: ₹699 Contact:

Classical music concert

Sitarist Anupama Bhagwat’s Kailas Sangeet Trust is putting together a concert to honour the late sitarist Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee. The two-hour pre-recorded online concert features sitarist Mehtab Ali Niazi, vocalist Raghunandan Panshikar, and sarod player Abhishek Borkar. “In last year’s live concert, we had stalwarts including Ustad Zakir Hussain. This time, we wanted to include promising young talents like Mehtab,” says Anupama. “We have sitar, which is guruji’s [Mukherjee] primary love and sitar and sarod. Considering it’s a tribute to him, all the artists have given their best performances.”

Where: When: April 24, 7 pm onwards Cost: ₹499 Contact:

For the foodies…

Magnolia Bakery has introduced a new flavour of banana pudding called ‘Gone Bananas’. This new flavour is made with layers of freshly baked banana cake with chocolate chips, vanilla pudding, fresh bananas and Nutella.

Where: The Bay, RMZ Ecoworld Bellandur When: Until April 30 Cost: From ₹250 onwards Contact: 99809 99943

Chef Ruben, a sushi expert, is putting together sushi and sashimi platters at The Oberoi’s Asian restaurant, Wabi Sabi. Sushi and sashimi apart, you can also have the traditional Hosomaki rolls, hand-rolled Temaki, Omakase platters and more.

Where: Wabi Sabi, The Oberoi When: Until April 30 Cost: ₹4000 (approx) for two people Contact: 080 2558 5858

Rasovara is organising a mango food festival, ‘Aamlicious’ from April 9 to May 31 at its UB City outlet. Aamrakhand, Mango raita, Fajeto, KachiKairi Ring Dhokla, Ker Sangri, Mango Pulao and more and an array of other mango-based sweets and savouries will be available.

Where: Rasovara, UB City When: April 9 to May 31 Cost: ₹800 Contact: 080 22133400

You might also be interested in:-

Karkhana Chronicles II, an online textile exhibition — in collaboration with the royal families of Indore, Kathiwada, Bhavnagar and Mysore — focussing on sustainability (from April 25).

A panel discussion on the intellectual history of India on April 28, featuring historian Ramchandra Guha, sports writer Suresh Menon, historian Jahnavi Phalkey, sociologist Amita Baviskar, professor AR Venkatachalapathy, and professor Srinath Raghavan.

With the number of COVID cases surging in Bengaluru, like in many other places in India, people are advised to stay home as much as possible. The aforementioned schedules, too, could change because of the increasing number of cases.

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