‘This Election Is Completely False, Fabricated & Rigged’

Evangelist and Praja Shanti party founder-president KA Paul accused that this election is a rigged one in broad daylight. Comparing figures, talking situations, he assessed that BJP used all of its force and might to get their desired result.

“How come BJP got 20% surge of voting percentage in Telangana? How four candidates from BJP win MP seat in Telangana? Even before the elections, all the EVMs are designed to vote for BJP” Paul alleged.

Explaining that there is no way he could get just 3000 votes, Paul explained, “In 11.5 lakh votes, how could I get just 3000+ votes? Are media folks sold out? All my pastors, volunteers account to thousands and Kapus who have Kilari surname are more than 3000 voters”

Taking a dig at Election Commission, he stated that the plan of this election itself is a farce. “All the educated countries like USA and Canada go for a vote for a couple of days, and results will be announced in a day or two. But how come India needs 40 days to vote and to announce result? They took all this time to tamper the EVMs and change the votes, isn’t it? Only fools will say this is a historic election, but everyone knows this is false, fabricated and rigged election” says KA Paul, in a special video he released on Facebook.

Also, Paul made a mockery of Chandrababu Naidu for wishing Jagan and Modi as ‘garu’ and stated that the ex-CM is fearing of the corruption that took place during his regime.

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