Thousands of books collecting dust in library

For want of list of books to be sent to 158 libraries in Virudhunagar district


Thousands of books from various publishers, despatched to libraries across Virudhunagar district, are collecting dust at Virudhunagar District Central Library for over two months now.

Library users have been put to inconvenience as some 200 bundles of books have been dumped at all available places, including the staircases. An official said the bundles could not be unpacked as the details of books that have been ordered for libraries in Virudhunagar district have not been received.

After the Directorate of Public Libraries placed order for the books from various publishers, they have started delivering the books. But the Directorate officials are in the process of preparing the list of books and the number of books allocated to 158 libraries in the district. “Once we receive those details, the bundles will be unpacked and the books, as per the list, would be sent to each library. Till then, the books have to be kept at the Central library,” an official said.

Stating that this was the case in all districts, he said that since the building of the Central Library in Virudhunagar was small, the users were facing inconvenience.

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