Three rivals get a wall with a clear message

Pattambi native lends compound wall for graffiti in support of green electioneering

A nature lover from Pattambi has lent the compound wall of his house to the three main poll contestants to post their campaign graffiti.

Vanamitra Mohandas, whose two-storey house enjoys a noticeable position at the junction where Nethiri and Mangalam roads meet in Pattambi municipality’s Ward 22, had a solid reason to state when he let the United Democratic Front (UDF), the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), candidates use his long compound wall as a campaign tool.

He says it is his way of contributing towards a green electioneering. “If more walls are used for electioneering, the use of banners, posters and other promos using non-biodegradable materials can be brought down. The prime motive is to encourage more nature-friendly means of electioneering during this pandemic times,” he says. Mr. Mohandas has distinct political leanings, but he has generously handed over the use of his property to the other two fronts too.

According to him, people have the responsibility to help political parties, especially during elections. When the LDF got the front corner portion of the wall, the UDF and the BJP got the larger walls on the left and the right sides of the compound.

Mr. Mohandas had another gift for the rival fronts. He gave saplings of fruit trees to the leaders who came to see the graffiti on the wall.

Artist Manikandan, who did the graffiti for the UDF, the LDF, and the BJP on the same wall, said it was his first such experience. He lauded Mr. Mohandas for being a role model for others during electioneering.

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