TN government allows Jallikattu events despite COVID-19 surge

Only 50% of seating capacity allowed for audience; all audience members, bull-tamers, trainers and officials to have two-dose vaccination certificate and COVID-19 negative certificate

Despite the surging number of COVID-19 cases in the State, the Tamil Nadu government on Monday allowed the conduct of jallikattu, bull taming events, during the Pongal festival.

Only 50% of the total number of seats allowed, with a cap of 150 persons will be permitted as audience, to ensure physical distancing norms. Audience are also required to produce certificates for two COVID-19 vaccine doses and a COVID-19 negative certificates, a government order with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by Chief Secretary V. Irai Anbu said.

All department officials and organisers should possess certificates for two COVID-19 vaccine doses and COVID-19 negative certificates. “Those living in other towns / cities are advised to watch the telecast and webstreaming of the jallikattu events,” the order said.

After obtaining prior permission from the State government, the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Conduct of Jallikattu) Rules, 2017 and the restrictions issued by the State government to contain the spread of COVID-19 are also to be complied with.

Only the master and the trainer of every bull are to be allowed to take part in the event and those they to produce their vaccination certificate for two COVID-19 doses and also a COVID-19 negative certificate for gaining entry. Only with identity cards issued to them by the district administration, can they enter the arena as per the rules.

Registration for the entry along with the details of the bull, its master and trainer have to be made at least three days prior to the event. Not more than 300 bull-tamers would be allowed in each of the jallikattu, manjuvirattu and vadamadu events.

All bull-tamers are to be issued with identity cards by the district administration after their registration at least three days before the event. Bull-tamers without these identity cards are not to be allowed inside the arena.

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