Tough contest likely for Kozhikode Corporation

Controversies surrounding State govt. puts LDF in a spot

The battle for Kozhikode Corporation, ever since it was formed, has been rather one sided. Except for a few times, like when the United Democratic Front (UDF) put up a firm fight and managed to win almost half of the 75 seats in 2010, the erstwhile seat of the Zamorins have been a Left bastion for nearly half a century.

Though the Left Democratic Front (LDF) expects to retain its fort in the forthcoming local body polls too, it seems to be in a tight spot with its government at the State level being dragged into several controversies recently.

However, the focus of the front in the corporation will be to highlight its development projects such as the modernisation of several city roads, street light LED conversion project, rehabilitation of slum residents and the escalator overbridge. Besides, the hygiene status and other honours in the sanitation field will also be highlighted.

Highlighting failures

On the other hand, the UDF is vying for a repeat of 2010 or better, highlighting failures of the LDF-led corporation council over the years. “The LDF manifesto that was released recently is a repetition of what they have been promising for the past 45 years. The council has not been able to even complete several projects they have undertaken. Besides, there is a lot of corruption involved in each of them,” alleged P.M. Niyas, KPCC general secretary, who was part of the previous council.

Presence of NDA

Meanwhile, with its increasing presence in the city, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance has stepped up the game to improve its performance from the previous term, when it had a record seven seats in the council.

The Mayor position being reserved for women this time, all three fronts have made quite a line up of Mayor candidates, taking into consideration their track record in spheres other than politics. Seasoned contestants have taken a back seat this time, with all the fronts fielding many new faces, especially youngsters, in the corporation.

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