TS writes to KRMB against AP’s hydel project

Telangana government has written one more letter to the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on Tuesday requesting the latter to stop Andhra Pradesh from calling and awarding tenders pertaining to Pinnapuram pumped storage hydro-electric project by diverting Krishna water to outside the basin.

In the letter addressed to KRMB Chairman M.P. Singh, Engineer-in-Chief (General-Irrigation) C. Muralidhar said the matter was already brought to the former’s notice in December 2020 that AP was taking up a hydel project in violation of the Section 84 and 85 of the AP Reorganisation Act, under which such projects could be taken up only with the prior approval of the Apex Council.

The board was requested to take action to prevent AP from calling and awarding tenders for the projects as it was being taken based on diversion of Krishna water to outside the basin when there was huge deficit within the basin areas itself and several projects in the basin were starving for water.

Requesting the board again to stall all new projects and expansion of existing projects and canal systems by AP without the appraisal of the board and approval the Apex Coucil and also communicate the information to the Secretary in the Ministry of Jal Shakti for appropriate action.

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