Two arrested for selling counterfeit gold

Intezargunj police of Warangal arrested a two-member gang hailing from Mandya district of Karnataka for selling counterfeit gold ornaments as genuine ones. Along with sets of the fake gundla mala, the police also recovered ₹10.45 lakh and other material.

The accused, Mohanlal Parmar and Solanki Dharma, Police Commissioner Tarun Joshi said had reached Warangal in October and got in touch with a fertilizer dealer at Enumamula market.

Introducing themselves as road contractors they later purchased a fertilizer for household plants. And the next day they presented the gundla mala, as lost and found, to the dealer and accepted to sell it for just ₹ 12 lakh to meet their urgent need for a sister’s wedding. They had handed him the original gold for checking.

However, when the dealer went to Khammam to hand over the cash he was delivered a counterfeit gold ornament weighing two kilos.

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