Vehicles damaged in group clash in Srivilliputtur


Following a quarrel between different groups of people living in Raittanpatti Street and Kottaipatti in Srivilliputtur, an armed gang went on a spree of damaging vehicles in the locality late on Sunday.

The police said that when M. Sathyadevi (40) and her relatives were chatting in front of her house in Raittanpatti street, a gang, including M. Balasubramanian (24) and his brother, Nagaraj (22) from Kottaipatti came with iron rod, wooden logs and stones.

After abusing the residents, they started to damage the vehicles parked on the street with the weapons at around 10.45 p.m. A car and five two-wheelers were damaged in the attack.

After threatening the residents with dire consequences, the gang left the place.

Srivilliputtur Town police have registered a case of unlawful assembly, using abusive words, damaging vehicles and for criminal intimidation.

This incident is a sequel to Saturday’s quarrel between two groups of people from the two areas.

The police said that one M. Kavinraj (19) of Kottaipatti was attacked while he was riding motorbike on Raittanpatti Street by the local residents. Based on his complaint, the police had booked a few persons from Raittanpatti Street, including two brothers M. Kali and Veerakumar.

Police picketing has been posted in the area to prevent any untoward incident.

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