Watch | The revival of Waguw in Kashmir

A video on the traditional reed mats used in Kashmir

Traditional reed mats made in Kashmir that are locally known as Waguw have made a comeback after a gap of 20 years, thanks to weavers who are reviving the craft.

Waguw is prepared by weaving dried grass harvested from lake waters. Grass and rice straws are interwoven to create a piece.

The mat, which provides warmth in winters, costs approximately ₹500 per piece. Waguw has been a source of livelihood for families associated with the craft in Kashmir’s villages.

The Jammu and Kashmir Government recently launched a scheme to give an incentive to these craftsmen to continue practising their art.

The Karkhandar scheme aims at the development of the handicraft sector in the region.

The government plans on imparting skill upgradation training to artisans practicing crafts such as carpet weaving and walnut wood carving.

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