Ways to reduce Swollen feet during Pregnancy

Many women experience swollen feet during the last three months of pregnancy.  Leg swelling in pregnant women is called gestational edema in medical terms. Researchers say that usually 75 %of pregnant women experience swollen feet and legs by the seventh month. Working pregnant women are more prone to this problem as they spend a lot of time sitting in a chair without rest during the day.

During pregnancy, excess water in the body and pressure on the uterus causes swelling in the feet and legs. It also increases during childbirth. 

What can help to reduce swelling-

·         Avoid standing for long periods.

·         Wear comfortable shoes and socks.

·         Try to rest with your feet up as much as you can.

·         Drink plenty of water

·         Walking, yogasanas

The home remedy for swollen feet –

·         Get Moving.

·         Stay Hydrated.

·         Soak Your Legs in a Salt Bath.

·         Eliminate Suspected Food Allergies.

·         Reduce Salt Intake.

·         Try Lymphatic Drainage.

·         Elevate Your Feet.

·         Pregnant women, it is better to sleep on the left side. If you sleep like this, the blood flow from the legs to the heart and from there to the brain will be good. If you sleep like this, the swelling of the legs will decrease.

·         BP and diabetes tests should be done regularly. Keep the weight under control.

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