Wholesale price of onion crosses ₹50 in Coimbatore

Wholesale price of onion has crossed ₹50 a kg in Coimbatore markets. On Tuesday, the wholesale price of big onion was ₹55 a kg and that of small onion ₹80 a kg for high quality varieties.

According to M. Rajendran, president of TK Market vegetable traders’ association, the city gets about 150 tonnes of big onion a day, mainly from Maharashtra and Karnataka. There is hardly any supply from here to Kerala. Demand from hotels, hostels or for weddings is also minimum. Hence, the current supply just meets the local demand. Prices of onion have been going up for the last few days and have now crossed ₹50 a kg. While the price for the onions from Maharashtra is ₹55 a kg, it is ₹50 a kg for the supply from Karnataka.

“Even now, there are heavy rain in the onion-growing areas in Karnataka. This damages the crop and hence the prices are up,” he said.

If the supply from imports was delayed, prices may increase further. Imported consignments were expected soon from Turkey and Iran. But it was said that the landing cost of these onions was also high.

In the case of small onion, the supply to Coimbatore was mainly from Karnataka and other districts of Tamil Nadu. There was shortage in supply of small onions and hence, the prices had shot up. Prices of almost all the vegetables were high now, he added.

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