A clean home is a happy home!

The age-old saying, ‘A clean home is a happy home’, may sound like a bit of a cliché’. But as we all retreat into the safe confines of our homes in these unprecedented times and spend more time indoors than we ever have, it couldn’t have been more apt.

With Diwali coming up, keeping our living spaces clean and germ-free is even more important. The home is almost like a sanctuary, and a dirty, cluttered, and unhygienic one during a festival can be a huge dampener.

“I have children and elderly parents living in my house, which is why keeping it clean is a must. Of course, cleaning has always been my priority during Diwali, but this year, I’m focusing even more on home hygiene due to Covid-19,” says homemaker Priyanka Sharma.

“We have invested in a robotic vacuum cleaner as well as a dishwasher to help with the chores. I also make it a point to use a disinfectant spray for the doorbell, windows, sofa, table and many such surfaces in my home. It’s become a part of my daily ritual. I simply cannot go to bed thinking that I am surrounded by an army of germs,” she adds.

Those with hectic routines are finding it tough to cope with the house work, but seeing a clean home is de-stressing and that’s what keeps them going.

“With both of us in full-time jobs, the house is getting neglected and the dirty fans and glass doors stained with fingerprints are getting on my nerves. I have, therefore, decided to call a deep-cleaning service before Diwali,” say Avantika and Raghav Mishra, both B-school sweethearts, who got married in January this year. “Otherwise, a surface disinfectant is what we swear by. We can’t imagine our lives without it,” they add.

The elderly have a different set of challenges altogether. “We need to be very careful, as both of us are diabetics,” say Kavitha and KR Ramamurthy, a septuagenarian couple, whose children are settled overseas.

“Our day starts with cleaning our home. We use a disinfectant spray to clean our walls, curtains, and doors knobs. It’s hard work, but at the end of the day, we feel happy and safe. We managed without any help for the first six months of the lockdown. But now we are grateful to have our maid back,” they add.

For Akash Bhardwaj, an engineer living by himself, cleaning his house doubles as his workout.

“The lockdown has made me realize that household chores can be great forms of exercise,” he laughs, adding that, “Whenever I don’t feel like exercising, I take out my disinfectant spray and use it to clean my kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. I also take time out every weekend to throw out whatever junk I have. Trust me, there’s nothing more motivating than living in a house that is clean and looks organized!”

The all-new Nerolac Disnfectant HWS 256 would be a true life saviour for all these people. The Nerolac Disinfectant HWS 256, as it is called, has been formulated using advanced fourth-generation quaternary ammonium compounds, which kill 99.99% germs.

The best thing about this disinfectant liquid is that it protects all surfaces, including walls and fabric. So you don’t need to buy different disinfectant sprays to suit different needs. You can use it on floors, walls, tabletops, toys, sofas, doorknobs, kitchen sink, toilet seat, dustbin and car seats, to name a few.

The disinfectant liquid comes bottled as a concentrate, which you need to dilute – just 4 ml in one litre of water and you are good to go! That makes it easy on the pocket, too, as the effective cost of the 500 ml diluted solution will cost you just Rs 6.3.

It can be used to disinfect almost everything in the home, cars, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, gyms, godowns or factories. All you need to do is apply it using a spray or cloth and let it air dry. The solution takes effect in 10 minutes.

Nerolac Disinfectant HWS 256 is a U.S. EPA certified formulation which is not only safe for your hands but also for the environment.

The Nerolac disinfectant spray is available in varied sizes ranging from 100 ml Combo Pack (Spray Bottle + 100ml) ,1 litre and 5 litre packing. Pick your choice!

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