Anand Mahindra shares pics of floor drain and solar panel, asks similarity between them

If you regularly follow Anand Mahindra on Twitter, then you may have seen his tweet on a flawed floor drain design. Shared a few months ago, the tweet created quite a buzz on Twitter. The business tycoon has again shared that image along with another picture of a solar panel and asked people to find the similarity between the two. His tweet is now creating a chatter on Twitter.

“A friend sent me this pic on the left, of a solar panel on a rooftop. What do you believe it has in common with the pic on the right, which I had tweeted some time ago?” Mahindra wrote.

One of the images, that many may be familiar with, shows a floor drain on one corner of a room. It is the placement of the fixture that left people giggling. The other image shows a solar panel placed on the roof of a house. This too may make you LOL once you notice the similarity between the two image.

Take a look at the tweet:

Since being shared, the tweet has already gathered close to 3,000 likes and the numbers are only increasing. Some tried explaining what is happening in the images, which otherwise look bizarre to many. A few others took the route of hilarity to express their reactions.

“The common thing is there is no common sense!” jokingly wrote a Twitter user. “Assumption can be dangerous. What you see and understand may not be real,” expressed another.

One Twitter user shared another image which shows a possible use of the floor drain:

What do you think of Anand Mahindra’s tweet?

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