Appointment of non-cadre officers to cadre posts needs Centre’s approval: Khemka

Bringing up the issue of appointment of non-cadre officers on cadre posts meant for the IAS officers, senior Haryana IAS officer Ashok Khemka has written to the chief secretary to refer such cases for the consideration of the central government. The Haryana government has appointed a number of IPS, IFS and IRS officers to the cadre posts of the IAS.

In a November 3 demi-official communication to the chief secretary, Khemka said that IAS cadre rules stipulated that a non-cadre officer may be appointed temporarily to a cadre post if no suitable cadre officer is available and that too for a maximum period of three months.

“For continuing a non-cadre officer on a cadre post beyond three months, prior approval of the central government is mandatory. Besides, advice of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is required if a non-cadre officer is to be continued beyond six months,” the officer wrote.

Khemka has requested the chief secretary to refer the cases of IPS, IRS and IFS officers appointed on the cadre posts of IAS officers to the central government.

The officer has also sought that the Civil Services Board (CSB) be activated as transfers and postings of IAS officers can be done only on its recommendation. The chief minister may though modify, amend or reject CSB’s recommendations by recorded reasons on writing.

“Transfers and postings without prior recommendation of the CSB violated the rules in letter and spirit. Ex post facto rubber stamping by the CSB is undoing the civil service reforms. It needs no reiteration that transfers and postings are to be done in best public interest and discretion ends where the rules begin. Certain amendments were made in the IAS Cadre Rules following Supreme Court directions in TSR Subramanian case,” Khemka wrote.

The IAS officer, who is known for plain speaking, said a public post does not exist in vacuum and is created after consultation with the public service commission. There exists a service rule for every public post laying down duties and responsibilities, eligibility, qualifications, experience, mode of selection, and remuneration, he said.

Khemka said that some additional chief secretaries and principal secretaries were grossly underutilised with not more than a few hours of workload during the day. Under these circumstances, there is no justification to appoint non-cadre officers to the cadre posts of principal secretaries.

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