Bride helps groomsman propose to bridesmaid at her wedding, netizens love it. Watch

You may have seen several videos of the bouquet toss at weddings. This one, though, has quite the twist. In fact, it’s so interesting that people cannot stop talking about it.

The video shows the bride preparing to toss the bouquet as her bridesmaids stand behind her. However, instead of throwing it, she turns around and walks up to one of her bridesmaids and simply hands it to her. She seems rather surprised at what’s happening. However, the bride asks her to turn around and that’s when she notices the huge surprise.

Behind her, down on one knee with a ring in his hand is one of the groomsmen and her fiancé-to-be. The video makes for a wonderful watch.

The clip has been shared on Reddit with a caption saying, “PLOT TWIST”. Since being shared a day ago, it has collected over 68,000 upvotes and still counting.

The video has gathered several reactions.

“When everyone is on the same page this is great. Love seeing such close friendship,” wrote a Reddit user. “Only acceptable way to propose at a wedding, when the bride is your accomplice. Beautiful,” shared another. “What a great friend,” added a third.

Of course there were those who weren’t too excited about a proposal at a wedding.

“It’s nice, but I’m still team no proposals at a wedding… I’m prepared for the downvotes I just couldn’t not say it,” posted an individual.

Someone shared their own experience by writing, “If it’s planned it’s super sweet. I did the same thing at my wedding actually. And they got married next”.

What do you think of this proposal?

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