Carnival of buffaloes, Sadar Festival celebrated in Hyderabad

The ‘Sadar Festival’ or a carnival of buffaloes is annually celebrated by the Yadav community.

Edla Haribabu Yadav, Telangana State General Secretary, Akhil Bharatvarsh Yadav Mahasabha (ABYM) said, “In India, ‘Sadar’ Festival specifically, started and celebrated in Hyderabad. We take out a huge procession where lakhs of people participate from different castes and creed, in the program showcasing ‘Bulls’ by Yadav community. This year due to Coronavirus Pandemic we are going to celebrate it on a low key level.”

Haribabu Yadav said that for this year, they are showcasing a bull named ‘Sartaj’

“This bull is 6 feet 6 inches tall and nearly 15 feet wide. It weighs about 1600 kgs. It belongs to ‘Murra Breed’. It is five year old. This bull consumes dry fruits and 25 litres of milk, per day. I give a body massage to him on a daily basis. Three members are specially appointed to take care of this bull.”

Another participant said, “We pray Lord Krishna by participating in this festival.”

Buffaloes from across the country make their presence felt in the event, which is held after Diwali. The decorated buffalos are paraded before gatherings.

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