Chandigarh: Re-carpeting of Sec-33 inner road on hold for over a month

Even after a month since the re-carpeting of the inner road of Sector 33 connecting the Sector 32/33 and Sector 33/34 roundabouts came to a halt, the work is yet to resume, despite residents complaining about the apathy of the authorities.

The road had been scraped in the beginning of November, but the work had to be stopped, as the temperature went below the ideal 25°C, needed for re-carpeting roads.

Balram of Sector 33 was driving his Activa scooter near the Terrace Garden market on December 14 when the vehicle slipped and he fell off. He sustained multiple injuries to the left side of his body, including his arm, leg and even his fingers and head.

“The scooter had been losing traction on the road, and since it was late in the evening, the road was dark as the streetlights here don’t work properly. I have been bedridden ever since,” Balram said.

He added that two of his neighbours also slipped on the same patch where he did, but it is still in the same state, even after it has been two weeks since the accident.

Shabnam Sharma, another resident of Sector 33, also said that she had slipped here once and now takes the longer route around the Sector when she has to go to Sector 32.

Kuljinder Sra, general secretary of the Sector 33-B residents’ welfare association (RWA), said, “We have been asking the authorities to fix this problem for over a month, but to no avail. Driving on the road stirs up the sand lying here which has been causing breathing problems for those who live nearby. MC has started work on the road in the past few days, but only a small part has been fixed, while the rest lies abandoned.”

Shailender Singh, MC chief engineer, says he is aware of the problem. “Work has been restarted on the road and we are confident that it will be fixed in a week. If it rains, then it might take a couple of more days,” he added.

Local area councillor Rajesh Kumar Gupta added that one layer has been laid down on parts of the road so far, but, they will lay down three layers in total, before the maintenance work is complete. “Earlier, the work had to be stopped because the temperature had dropped too low. Even now, it is taking longer because of the winter conditions. However, it should be completed soon,” Gupta said.

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