Filipino artist uses fern leaf as canvas to create extraordinary portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Watch

To mark the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Gandhi Jayanti, a young artist from Philippines has created something extraordinary. The artist named Ryan Managaysay paid his tribute by creating a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on a big fern leaf.

Embassy of India in the Philippines shared a video on their official Facebook profile which showcases the creation of the art. It also details the artist’s motivation behind creating the portrait.

In the video, Managaysay introduces himself and says that he is a social studies student. He adds that he’s going make a leaf art.

The video then shows Managaysay explaining why he chose that particular type of fern leaf. He also takes the viewers through step by step creation of the art. The clip concludes with him saying “In this century, I hope we value, more than ever, the lessons that the world’s one and only Mahatma Gandhi had taught us.”

Take a look at the wonderful clip:

The video, since being shared, has gathered close to 2,500 views and about 200 reactions. “That is really awesome,” wrote a Facebook user while commenting on the clip. Another individual shared a thumbs up emoji to showcase their appreciation for the clip.

What do you think of the Managaysay’s creation?

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