Finn the dog brings his sis Xena a ‘stonky sock’, she is not amused. Watch

Describing the relationship between a brother and sister may be hard. This video of two doggo siblings, however, aptly depicts it.

The video, shared on goldengirl_xena’s Instagram page, features Xena and her puppy bro Finn who has brought her gift in the form of a ‘stonky sock’. The clip shows Xena channelling her inner peace while her bro insists she accept his gift.

While Finn tries his best to get Xena as excited about the dirty sock, captions on the screen read out what he must be thinking. “You can wear it as a hat, fren,” he probably thinks while placing the sock on Xena’s head. “Tastes good too,” reads another line as he picks the sock up with his mouth.

Xena all this while remains calm as if waiting for Finn to tire himself out and go away. Kids!

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Shared some 21 hours ago, the video has collected over 28,000 views and over 4,000 likes. People have shared a ton of reactions on this whole interaction.

“Xena is the real definition of inner peace & calm,” posted an individual. It’s true, we wonder if Xena practices Yoga. “Think it’s a fabulous accessory!” reads a comment. We’re sure Xena would be happy for anyone else to have it.

“Stinky socks look great on you Xena,” joked fellow Instagrammer lewis_golden.

Of course there were those who praised Finn. “Wow Finn is so generous!” read a comment. “Xena has the patience of a saint, her brother is adorable though, he got her somefing right,” said another.

What do you think of Xena and Finn’s video?

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